As part the of CAL Citizen Scholar Program, the Urban Studio is an innovative ten-week experience that aims to connect, engage, and immerse students in and with the city of Detroit.

While living on the campus of Wayne State University, students will participate in coursework, an internship, and a community-engaged project.

In doing so, members of the 2017 Urban Studio cohort will investigate the history of Detroit, gain workplace experience, and apply their skills as they transform Detroit City Football Club‘s Keyworth Stadium into a “community classroom” where community members both teach and learn about the Detroit ‘67 uprising.

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Campus Martius Park
Student group brainstorming at DIA


Through meetings with educators, alumni, activists, and professionals, participants in the Urban Studio can expect to connect with and learn from the City of Detroit. Whether it’s chatting over coffee with MSU alumni, attending a film screening and talk, or helping a local non-profit develop a website, students will expand their professional networks and knowledge by learning within and from members of the Detroit community.    


Participants in the Urban Studio will deepen their connections and knowledge through active engagement with the individuals/groups they meet and the places they visit/study. To do so, the Urban Studio has partnered with the Detroit City Football Club (DCFC). Working with DCFC owners, staff, and fans, the Urban Studio cohort will propose, create, and implement a public and community-centered event on August 2nd at Keyworth Stadium that joins with the larger Detroit ‘67 Project.


Connections and engagement will be strengthened and made reciprocal through the Urban Studio participants’ immersion in and with Detroit. By spending ten-weeks living, working, studying, and making in Detroit, students will develop an awareness of the cultures and contexts of Detroit, as well as ethical modes of inquiry. Students in the Urban Studio will always come back to a central set of questions: what does it mean to be a good neighbor and responsible problem-solver?

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